Upholstery Day Upgrade

Upholstery Day Upgrade

Regular price £30.00

Due to Covid 19 I am changing the way I teach over the next couple of months. This means that your evening course may become a day course. 

As things stand we still had the following lessons to fulfil before lockdown happened

Monday Class 2 outstanding sessions

Tuesday Evening Class 1 (for March) outstanding session

Shropham Evening Class 3 outstanding sessions.

If you were booked onto any of the above then these sessions can obviously be booked for free. If you want to upgrade your evening class to a whole day session then there is the option to do this below. 

A whole day sessions for the purposes of catch up is £45.

So if you still have one evening class at Bury outstanding you can upgrade your session to a full day for £30.


If you have three evening classes booked and paid for then you can book onto a whole day session and this would cover these off. 

I hope this makes sense. I know there will be questions, please do ask if you have any.